The Problem

Digital Documentary Series
(5 x 8 min)

As a nation (Canada) we may find ourselves on a path of healing, but can we have true reconciliation without the right to remember? 

The similarities between the answer to “The Indian Problem” and the world’s crimes against humanity are explored in this interactive documentary about Canada’s past. The perspectives and historical facts shared in this short film are a response to the common remark “Just get over it” - what exactly are we getting over?

This short documentary is not about promoting hatred, its about acknowledging an inclusive history, which is the first step to true Reconciliation.

Special Thanks
Arjan Dhupia
Joerdis Doerner
Kristen Mieves 
Sarah Pocklington
James Daschuk

Produced by
Multipel Inc.

Jamie Bourque

Jamie Bourque

Arjan Dhupia

Aaron Paquette

Sherryl Sewepagaham

Multipel Inc.
Dave Benson

Post Production
Freelance Productions Inc.