Follow the stories of the brother and sister duo, Ken and Merdel Ward, as they share their experiences of living in the Blue Quills Residential School. And how their traumatic childhoods have been passed down to their daughter and niece through intergenerational effects.

I would like to thank Mary for inspiring me to make this digital series, I have interviewed her for this short film while in University over eight years ago, and she has left an eternal fire in me. Not only for the generosity of sharing incredible story with an emerging filmmaker, but allowing me to comprehend and acknowledged the importance of memory. 

Special Thanks
Ken Ward 
Joyce Ward
Tanis Agnes
Merdel Ward 

Jamie Bourque

Jamie Bourque

Freida Bourque

Rat Creek Design Incorporated 

Animation Illustration
Vanguard Works

Sarah Pocklington

Camera / Grip
Nicole Bourque
Jarret Blyan