Feature-length Documentary
(2 x 60 min)

Six Countries, Six Histories, Six Characters… One Story

The restorative justice model offered to the world, known as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, has failed! The Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa is now trying to determine where they have gone wrong. Through the Nelson Mandela Dialogues, beginning in 2013, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Global Leadership Academy have brought together participants from around the globe to engage in a series of dialogues on oppressive truth and responsibility. It’s a global movement to fix the reconciliation project, by establishing an inclusive narrative, developing effective memory works, and to recognize intergenerational effects.

Our documentary series shares never-seen before perspectives from From the Apartheid system in South Africa; Nazi Germany; the Cambodian Genocide; the Balkan Wars, and the state terrorism in Argentina, to the uncomfortable truth that modern Canada is also founded upon ethnic cleansing and genocide. While we discover how these isolated points in history influence the current unjust state of the world, we will also remember our longing for a peaceful, just, and inclusive society.

Discover how stories of struggle, pain, and the price paid to remember, are influencing change movements around that world through character driven stories that are attempting to achieve “re-kən-ˌsi-lē-ˈā-shən”.