“Lightfinder" is an award-winning book series written by Aaron Paquette currently being developed into a television, digital on-line series.

Sixteen-year-old Aisling is a dreamer constantly distracted by visions, memories, and inexplicable interactions with the paranormal, which interfere with her ability to live in the now. While searching for her runaway brother, Aisling discovers that her encounters with the abnormal are clues to a hidden reality.

“Lightfinder” is an action-packed young adult contemporary fantasy, set in the real world, that follows the path of Aisling and her brother, Eric (12). After their father’s sudden death, Eric runs away with his classmate COR (12), devastated and determined to never be hurt again.

To find him, Aisling sets out into the Canadian wilderness with her grandmother, GEORGIA (67) and her auntie, MARTHA (43), and two young men she barely knows: the deceptive trickster JAKE (16) and Australian Aboriginie family friend MATARI (19). While still separated, the siblings discover they have powers, but are still not sure what to do with them, or why they have them. They also have no idea of the horror awaiting them in the form of the wetigo, Raven… or that Cor is leading Eric straight to him.

After Aisling rescues her brother from Raven at the end of the first season, the siblings continue their journey, learning the Indigenous stories and legends they heard as children have truth to them. Not only that, they’ll need to control and nurture their growing powers in order to combat Raven in his various forms down the road. Tested by love, loss, and betrayal, the two face off against a terrifyingly powerful and ever-changing enemy. The fate of the world and all life falls into the hands of Aisling and Eric – and it begins in war.

Target Audience

With its universal themes of coming-of-age, identity, and the forces of good overcoming evil, “Lightfinder” and its digital component “Pilgrimage” will appeal to audiences who love such genres. The animated television component provides non-stop adventure, simultaneously balancing elements of romantic comedy, horror and deep suspense on a backdrop of culture, legends, and Indigenous history.

Our primary target audience includes the iGen and Millennial age-range, from 14-35 years old. The stories are already beloved by a built-in audience, in the form of an award-winning bestselling novel, going into it’s 5th printing two years after publication. The book is taught in universities, colleges and schools across Canada. In essence, there is already an eager fan base built in who will serve as ambassadors of the program to spread the word. The series will be required viewing for tens of thousands of students every semester for the foreseeable future.

The series and the story were specifically and intentionally structured to appeal to modern consumers of digital media and that, combined with a fast-paced, compelling story with interesting characters is what has lent the book it’s instant and growing popularity.

Executive Producer
Aaron Paquette


Executive Producer
Jamie Bourque