Multipel Inc. is a Canadian 100% indigenous-owned and operated production company established in 2009. Multipel Inc. immediately became a parent company in Sweetgrass and Sage, Inc., which produced two seasons of the APTN documentary series Chaos & Courage, and the one-hour doc Our Home and Native Land: Heroine Healers.

Multipel Inc. was also a parent company of Square Pixel Inc. which develops cutting edge documentaries, animations, interactive content and digital applications.

Developing productions with a cross platform experience ʻMother Earth and Meʼ - (Animation Preschool Series - CMF) Through an interactive tablet a multi cultural classroom explores the world.ʻJoin the dialogueʼ (Documentary Digital Series, Rogers, iThentic Inc.) A interactive digital platform showcasing six Canadians engaging in dialogue as they tackle social issues.ʻiMʼ- (Youth Multimedia Dramedy - APTN) Kerr and Gab, struggling twin brothers, stream on camera pranks and shenanigans for their web channel.ʻpan-Gender’ - (One Hour Television Documentary - CMF, APTN) The two sprit teaching is explored through the lives of a LGBTQ Aboriginal youth.ʻReconnectʼ - (Six Part Television Series) Social experiment that combines the old traditions of a spiritual voyage and family with technological platforms.ʻIn-Between’ - (One Hour Television Documentary) Five Aboriginal role models share how they survive in two worlds, the fast paced technological world and their connected Indigenous world.ʻRasterverseʼ- (Animation Series/CMF) Thirteen year old Hunter must find a balance between the real world and the virtual gaming realm of Rasterverse.

We have been producing content since 2008 and our projects - such as ‘The Heir’ a docudrama digital series which explored the stories of Residential School survivors and the intergenerational effects, was showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013, have been cutting edge. Over the years we have done private sector and commercial projects, our clients include SuperChannel, APTN, Rogers, CMF, iThentic Canada, Mac Ewan University, Alberta Health Services, The Healthy Aboriginal Network, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, University of Alberta The Land of Neves Productions, Bogart Productions, Sir Perphoulous Films, Chiaro Productions, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Ever Active Schools, Treaty 7 Management Corporation, and the United Nations. Our projects have received funding from Bell Media, Rogers, Canada Media Fund, Alberta Media Fund, National Indian Brotherhood, APTN, Super Channel, National Council of Research, CBC, Canadian Media Production Association, and Bundesstiftung our Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur. We are also grant recipients of he Alberta Foundation for the Arts in 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2015, and Canada Council for the Arts in 2010, 2012, 2015, and 2016.

Multipel Inc. is also currently working with a number of German digital media companies and German/Canadian Federal Foundations to develop innovative digital memory works. With digital memory work experience in North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, Multipel Inc. is capable of developing effective interactive platforms, and digital series that can be refurbished for linear acquisitions.